Group of Volunteers and a HorseVolunteer Shoeing HorseOur dedicated volunteers are key to our success. They are the heart of our program. Volunteers contribute a variety of services such as serving on the all-volunteer Board of Directors, supporting fundraisers, and helping out with other projects. Volunteers may also assist with lessons.

Our volunteers are critical to maintaining the quality of our program. All volunteers must be at least 14 years old.

Safety is always the focus of Rainbow’s riding activities. Hands on volunteer training is mandatory for all sidewalkers and horse leaders.

Instructors give our volunteers specific training. Our sidewalkers and horse leaders work in unison with other team members, including the horse, the instructor or therapist, and the student to ensure safe and successful lessons for all riders.

Sidewalkers are those volunteers who walk beside the horse, ensuring the rider is properly mounted on the horse. Each student will have either one or two sidewalkers depending on the student’s ability.

The horse leader is responsible for the horse at all times. These volunteers are generally very familiar with horses. They understand both the horse and the needs of the rider. They are responsible for ensuring the horse is ready for the student to ride.


If you would like to volunteer, or would like information about volunteering, please call 703-754-6159, or e-mail our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@rainbowriding.org. Remember, you must be at least 14 years old in order to volunteer.

When you have been accepted as a volunteer, please print and complete the Volunteer Application and bring it with you to the training.

Click here to download our Volunteer Brochure .

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Dedicated Volunteer John Moser

Dedicated Volunteer John Moser





Instructor Adrienne Freeland and Volunteer Coordinator Scottie Heffner

Instructor Adrienne Freeland and Volunteer Coordinator Scottie Heffner

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