Programs & Instructors

We offer equine therapy to our students.  Equine therapy is the use of the horse as a tool to achieve a variety of therapeutic goals. These Instructor child going to horse goals can be physical, intellectual, social, educational, emotional, or behavioral.

There are a variety of methods available to accomplish these goals. Our program is highly individualized.  We tailor our lessons to meet the goals of  the individual rider.  We combine basic riding skills with formal exercises to strengthen muscles and encourage relaxation and coordination.

We also provide games and activities designed to enhance self image, increase physical activity, and meet the educational and developmental goals of each rider, as well as ensuring the rider has fun.  Most importantly, we celebrate all our riders’ accomplishments large and small.

Click here for our 2015 Program Brochure.

Rainbow also offers specialized programs such as Wounded Warriors at Rainbow.


Our therapeutic instructors are PATH certified. This means that they must meet the rigorous standards of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International. A PATH instructor must take special classes and pass an exam before he or she is certified. To maintain certification, the instructor must take continuing education courses. The result is a quality therapeutic program that provides much more than pony rides to our students.

Our instructors work with the riders to achieve individual goals. The goals vary with the rider. Some riders want to improve mobility, others want to increase their ability to understand the world around them. The goals are as many and varied as the students who ride with us. Our team helps the riders to achieve their therapy goals while creating an exciting and pleasurable experience. The joy of being on a horse provides momentum to accomplish the goals.

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